Why You Keep Attracting The SAME Men (And 5 Ways To STOP It!)

How to Start Getting Many Girls – A Free Lesson on How to Be a Total Babe Magnet

You don’t have to start blaming yourself and be all-out miserable each time a girl rejects your advances — let’s quit wallowing and address the question at hand: why do you think you never got lucky with girls? Why do they seem to walk away when they see you approach from a distance? Why can’t you get a real decent girlfriend until now? Well, you better get a hold of yourself and stop worrying too much about the future. That’s a good start.

Catch the One That Almost Got Away With a Reverse Phone Number Directory

That hot blonde across the dance floor just waved you over. The cute guy at the end of the bar keeps looking in your direction, trying not to let you notice he is into you. A little while later, you cross the floor or move toward the end of the bar and strike up a conversation. The night passes and you feel pretty lucky you that you got a cell number tonight. There’s only one problem.

How to Get the Guy of Your Dreams – 5 Ways to Get Him

You feel you’re the ideal type of woman for every man and yet you still ask “how to get the guy of your dreams.” You have developed the qualities that every guy wants but why can’t you get a guy to date? Indeed it is a reasonable question to ask and maybe because you need to change some of your lifestyle.

How to Let a Guy Know You Like Him – 4 Ways That Say it All

It is not wrong to ask “how to let a guy know you like him.” It is human nature to find the ways especially in the world of dating and relationships if the guys you like have no clue and idea as to what you are feeling.

Disadvantages of Being Single

Well, there really is no right or wrong answer to this question. Some people simply enjoy the single life….free from having to check in, can go wherever they want and do whatever they want. Other people are resigned to the single life because they simply cannot find someone that they are willing to date. Whatever category you fall into, there are however some clear disadvantages to being single.

Missing an Old Flame? Use a Reverse Mobile Phone Number Directory and Look Them Up!

Have you been thinking about an old flame? Do you wish you could make contact with them, but know they moved sometime back and don’t know where? We’ve all had points in our lives when we thought of and old boyfriend or girlfriend. Perhaps you are simply thinking fondly of them and wondering if they are doing well and want to “catch up.”

How to Know If a Girl is Aggressive – 5 Signs She Can Get Wild

Aggressive girls are often pretty rare to find and what’s harder is that it’s pretty tricky to know if they’re aggressive or not — that’s what keep it thrilling. Sometimes, you can never know if she’s one wild girl not unless to make out with her.

Flirting Online With Women – How to Get Her Attracted Online

Chances are, we’re all guilty — we’ve all tried to flirt online. It sure is exciting and stimulating and some of us even probably got themselves a lover for real. Now, for the amateurs and for those who weren’t really the lucky when it comes to flirting online with women, now’s the time to revive your hope into getting into one exciting virtual romance and even take it to the next level — no need to get all jumpy about it.

Single For Life Syndrome

It was my dad who told me that marking down the days on the calendar would only make the wait seem longer. “A watched pot never boils,” he would often say whenever he sees me impatiently counting the days until my birthday, or any occasion for that matter. I remember feeling exasperated and couldn’t help but wish that the days would roll on by.

Promote Local Singles Events For Fun and Profit

A tried and true method of meeting other single people is to attend a singles event. But it’s pot luck as to whether the party has a good atmosphere. So why not promote your own? Here are some tips on how to bring singles together at a local venue.

How to Be Single and Survive a Package Holiday

If you are single and wished you were not, holiday times can be a real nightmare. After all you have worked all year for this holiday and you deserve to have some fun. With a little confidence and some pre planning you can turn a potential disaster such as a package holiday into a gateway to new friendships and future more exciting holidays. Why stay at home this holiday? You need to get out there and grab some life for yourself.

Matchmaking Tips – Picking Up Men At A Restaurant

In this question and answer series with a matchmaker, you will learn what to say and how to say it if you see a single man and want to know how to pick him up. You can go up from far away, and the first thing I would do is to look to see if there are wedding bands on their hands. You never know, they might have a brother or friend. Go up to them anyway, after you notice whether or not they have wedding bands, which by the way is only a clue. It doesn’t mean they are not married, it just might mean that they won’t wear a wedding band!

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