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How to Meet Beautiful Women – The Myths Versus the Realities

There are countless articles on web pages about how to meet or attract beautiful women. However, it seems that these articles have been written by men, especially men who seem to be out to ‘conquer’ as many women as possible.

Want to Get a Guy? You Have What it Takes!

Do you want to get a guy? Do you feel like you just don’t have what it takes?

How to Get a First Girlfriend – Tips to Get a Girlfriend

How to get a first girlfriend? You may read many different tips on this topic, but when it all comes down to getting a girlfriend you need to remember a few things.

Fit and Curvy Women – It’s What Men Prefer!

Fit and curvy women, really this is what men prefer when they look at a woman. Why are there so many smart, beautiful, successful women out there who are all single? What really are the desires of men and women and what do they want in the opposite sex?

How to Tell If He’s Into You – Be Able to Tell His Feelings

More often than not, you often wonder how to tell if he’s into you. You look for answers almost everywhere and maybe even in a continuous manner. It is a fact that men have a hard time expressing how they feel exactly as they feel it to the woman that they fancy.

Inside the Mind of the Single Guy – How to Understand Men

It is almost a fact that at women’s point of view, men are the source of frustration. It is never new for women to wonder how to get inside the mind of the single guy in order to understand why they do things and how they do things.

How Do You Get a Man to Chase You – Advice From Experts

Should you make a man chase you? Should you play hard to get? What would happen if you simply gave him what he wanted without resistance? This article contains expert advice on how to play hard to get and make him chase you.

Flirting Tips For the Ladies – Your Guide to Charming Any Prince

There are a lot of flirting tips for the ladies that you can use as your guide to attract guys into your way. If you want to be successful in the dating field the practice moderation. This serves as a warning.

How Does a Man Know a Woman is Interested? What Are the Signs and Signals?

Did you know that women are easier to read than men? So, if you wonder “how does a man know a woman is interested,” you should know that women are more transparent when it comes to feelings.

Why God Created Skin

If we weren’t meant to be separate, God wouldn’t have created skin. It keeps our mushy stuff inside and other people outside (unless they are invited in, figuratively and literally.) Where my skin starts, everyone else stops, or they should. Sometimes they don’t.

Chucky Comes Alive – Or – Dating With Children

I thought I would write about kids. I don’t have any. I often get that “awwww” look from my Mom’s friends. I prefer not to think of myself as childless, but as child-free. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and for some strange reason they love me back.

Sleeping With Dogs

Some people have an unusual attachment to their pets. Don’t get me wrong. I like animals. And most of them like me back. I’m just not crazy about the idea of sleeping with them.

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