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So-Called Harmless Flirting? – Use Your Veto Power With Women Instead

Harmless flirting isn’t so harmless when you’re the one receiving nothing in return for your time, money and other favors. But there’s a damage control method you can use, and the first step is recognizing that male-female relationships are built upon your willingness to play the dating game under her ground rules.

Tips For Getting a Girl

Courtship is actually a purposeful and organized program of activities. Even with the growing support of the proposed ‘shift of view’ against traditional gender-attached stereotypes, a lot of guys are still being pressured to ‘make the first move’; the courting process nowadays, still, usually starts with a guy and ends with the girl being courted.

Living With Loneliness

Loneliness can make one feel sad, anxious, and depressed. Most people feel lonely at some point in their life. You don’t have to feel lonely if you decide to take control of your loneliness and do something about it.

The Laws of Attraction – Getting a Girl to Want You

The question is, “Do you guys give women butterflies”? Getting a girl to want you somehow necessitates this kind of feeling just to give justification to the old women notion, “I feel butterflies in my stomach” which subtly means, “I think I’m getting to like him”. Women have weird ways of trying to be feminist, but what they truly want is a man who will open the door for them.

Getting a Girl to Like You and Have Her Melt in Your Hands Like Putty

Getting a girl to like you is never easy. One has to make some effort in order for a girl to notice. If the mere fact of just being noticed needs some effort, you have to consider taking it up a notch.

3 Keys to Successful Dating on Singles Sites

No one receives solid, effective love relationship advice – whether it’s for successful dating or for long lasting marriage. So when you go online and try to meet the right kinds of people on singles sites it can feel like you are more lost than ever.

Get Him to Do Anything For You – Three Tips to Getting Him Hooked

Have you ever wondered about women who manage to get guys to do anything for them without being particularly beautiful or elegant? Are you seeing someone recently but are afraid that he’s not attracted enough to you? Do you want to know how to make him long for you day and night? We all know that guys do not fall in love easily and this is why the ladies need to bump up their games a notch if they want to make a guy fall head over heels. Follow these tips and watch him fall so hard that he’ll do anything for you.

What Makes a Woman Attractive – What You Thought Was a Turn-On Can Actually Be a Turn-off

Do you know what really attracts a guy? Have you invested a lot of time, effort and money on makeup, clothes, gym hours and dating books but still had no success when it comes to snagging a guy? Do you suspect that you might be doing something wrong? If you answered yes to these questions then you are not alone. Many girls out there actually start out thinking that they know everything there is to know about attracting a guy only to realize that they still don’t have a clue.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

One of the most common questions that all men ask is, “Where did I go wrong?” Meanwhile, one of the most common answers you hear women telling men is, “Just be yourself”. Well let’s be realistic here for a second and think about it… Are you really being yourself?

Approaching Women – The 2 Things You Need to Know

Approaching women successfully takes two things – confidence & know how. When you are confident enough to approach a woman, then your half way there. And when you know how to approach, then you’ll almost certainly have great success.

Finding Your Soul Mate – Tips to Finding Your One True Love

I think it’s safe to say that singles all over the world are looking for their soulmate. Where is your soulmate? There are a few things you need to do in order to find your soulmate. It’s not as easy as putting your picture on an online dating site or going out to the bars. Learn some great tips on how to find that one true person, your soulmate.

How to Seduce a Woman Via Flirting – Using the Amazing “Seed” and “Fractionation” Tactics

Look – it is really not that difficult to make a woman like you – especially when you have got the best flirting tactics and techniques in the world. If you know these, then you will not need to be any more good looking than me (and I look as ugly as a toad – believe me!). Read on to discover the killer flirting techniques that you can use to seduce way out of your league, and get amazing results fast…

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