The one where Nat went to therapy

It’s time to go on my year-end vacation, so this is the last episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions for 2021. It’s a thoughtful episode where I share how surprised I was going to therapy this year and as it was, along with joys and challenges, they took me to a deeper place in my relationship with myself.

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5 key topics in this episode

  • As a kid, I learned to be on guard and I didn’t learn when no being, so part of my evolution is unlearning what they really are anxiety management habits.
  • It’s easy to feel messy when you talk about your childhood and you realize that even your therapist seems alarmed! But don’t be fooled, and it’s okay to talk about these things with the right people.
  • Part of the evolution of our relationship with ourselves is noticing our protective devices. There may be some of us who are pessimistic or certainly willing to point out all the possible negatives. We might believe that this is our inner voice when it is not; it is fear.
  • No matter how evolved we are, there will be joys and challenges that press our buttons. The mistake many of us make is to assume that the only thing we press our buttons are problems and challenges or to think that it won’t bother us. Yes we have grown enough. We are human. Things will always bother us to some extent, but less so if we take better and better care of ourselves.
  • It’s easy to say that you love yourself or take care of yourself when you’re okay. It’s what you do for yourself during those times when it would be too easy to be hard on yourself, neglect yourself, this is where you demonstrate your relationship with yourself. Be kinder to yourself than you feel comfortable with.

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