Pandemic: Why not jump into the world yet is not uncommon

We’re not out of it yet, as evidenced by the tragic hikes unfolding in the world’s Covid hotspots. But for sure we are miles ahead of last year’s dark days and unknowns. There are many reasons to celebrate the incredible work the country is doing to get control of the pandemic with conscious behavior and vaccines. Clearly because of the declining numbers it is working! Many are feeling great optimism, enjoying the warm rays of spring and feeling more free to safely participate in their favorite activities, connect with people, travel as their anxiety baselines. they calm down again slowly.

But not everyone.

Do you still feel worried, worried, or insecure? You’re totally vaccinated, but do you notice that you don’t hesitate to jump into the world like you see other people do? Do you notice that anxious thoughts still touch your shoulder?

Despite the signs that things are moving towards normalcy, the relief and joy so palpable in many, we all experienced it and witnessed this past year. Life as we knew it came to a halt with all the consequences along with it. Something like this should not be forgotten by anyone.

Fotolia 184906351 SThose with a tendency to pre-Covid anxiety, who were even more vulnerable to the emotional cost of this experience, may also find themselves more challenged to move away from it. There was a conditioning for fear and uncertainty on so many levels in this experience. You may need to relearn what is safe, have a number of positive experiences in the world and with others to reconnect your brain for more optimism. This comes with time and consistent conclusions drawn that things are really good.

And then there are some who may be less connected to feeling anxious, but who have simply changed with the pandemic. Their pandemic habits may have led them to become different after Covid. Maybe you’ve gotten more in touch with your introverted side during the many months of being around far fewer people, or maybe alone. It would not be hard to believe that you have become very comfortable to continue like this. Even when you see your most extroverted friends gleefully burst through their doors in a full sprint toward others who think alike. Good for them!

I have noticed that I enjoyed many activities as before (tennis, socializing in small groups, youth sports photography) but I also find myself perfectly happy doing it at home. But I have always had the resources to be alone, I have extracted my energy from a quiet time. This aspect has definitely been accentuated as a result of having been forced inside during the last year. I have noticed that some friends and clients in my therapy practice have similar changes.

And there are those who, in general, are more vigilant and observant before making movements. They are taking note of what is being developed around vaccine numbers, Covid’s disease, variants and other aspects that are still being developed and are being developed. Maybe you’re one of those guys who isn’t in a hurry but at the same time feels optimistic, looking forward to your day in the sun that you think will come soon.

If you have not yet come out into the world at this time of the pandemic, nothing will happen to you. You can trust that it’s pretty normal and in fact how many others are behaving as well. You may resonate with one of the general types (or a combination) above; still anxious, a reinforced introvert, or an attentive observer. In any case, it is important that you make room in the process of resurgence from the pandemic. People do it the way it makes sense to them.

As much as Covid is still developing, maybe so are you.

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