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Catch Any Girl’s Attention With These Top 10 Clever Pick Up Lines

Now before you start growling about how miserable your dating life is going to be, let me give you a tiny spark of hope. There are actually some clever pick up lines that earned its way to be worth mentioning. Well, most of them we’re probably over-used but these lines can actually fascinate a woman into thinking you’re really witty and smart and might just be interested enough to answer you beyond a yes or no. Remember, all women are different and they have different responses.

The Simple Art of Seducing a Man – Make Him Find You Totally Irresistible

Women always wonder how they could get men’s attention without using their sexy body. They always hope that they can get full attention from the men and make them totally irresistible.

Bragging Gets Girls

One of the most used techniques in advertisement is bragging. Nothing speaks louder than speaking well about your product, playing up all of its qualities and selling features.

How to Get an AWESOME Guy

An average man will keep you guessing, play games, want you around to boost his ego and not care very much about how you feel. Is that what you want? Do you want “average” or do you want AWESOME?”

How to Pick Up Beautiful Women – The Amazing Secret to Getting the Girl You Desire

So you want to know how to pick up beautiful women eh? Well which guy doesn’t?

How to Approach a Woman – The Easiest Way to Approach a Woman Ever

Want to know how to approach women? Discover the secrets that will make approaching women a cinch!

What Kills Your Chances to Attract Mr Right

Sitting in a certain zone and “waiting” will kill your chances of attracting the man of your dreams. If you’ve been with a man for over 6 months and he hasn’t made a decision about your relationship, you are wasting your time because you are trying to make “his” potential into a relationship when it isn’t.

The Best Way to Attract Women – How to Be Yourself and Still Get the Girl of Your Dreams

One of the most common questions people ask me is to do with the best way to attract women. I’ve had a lot of friends come up to me and ask, “Bruce, how do you do it? How do you attract girls!

Places to Meet Girls

This article quickly explains why it can be difficult to meet women at clubs. It then gives five convenient and good places to meet girls.

Problems Flirting With a Guy? See If You Are Doing What it Takes!

Are you ready to begin getting a guy’s attention by flirting with him and really turning his head? Have you been wondering what it is going to take to get a hold of this guy whom you have been after? Does flirting seem to be too awkward for you to do it without giving yourself away? If so, read on to learn what it is going to take for you to learn how to effectively flirt with a guy….

Flirt With a Guy and Become the Center of His Attention!

Did you know that being able to flirt with a guy is the language of the dating world for women? When you enter the world of dating, do you feel sometimes that you have entered a foreign country? What if you could speak this language fluently and get any guys attention that you wanted? Here are some practical ways to do this and really turn his head…

How to Meet Women If You Got Kids

I came across a very interesting question yesterday which had to do with meeting women when you have kids. It was coming from a very responsible father, who had a son who he loved deeply, however he wasn’t exactly sure how to present it to the women he was meeting. He didn’t know whether to mention his kid as soon as he started the conversation with the woman and how would she react, and what effect do kids have on meeting women in general.

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