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3 Things That Will Ruin Your Chances If You Are Trying to Attract Women

Every guy would like to be irresistible to woman, it’s in our nature. The problem is that most guys think that in order to attract good looking women they need to be rich and/or good looking. This is just not the case.

Do You Make This Mistake That Have Women Literally Turning Their Heads and Walking Away?

I was out with my friend Tiffany the other day, and we were just walking around downtown. After a while we got tired and decided to go to Starbucks and grab some drinks. The plan was that I would make the orders, and wait for the drinks to be made. While she finds a nice table to sit…I went to the cashier and made my order, then walk to the side to wait for the drinks. So I turned my head to check if Tiffany got us a table to sit or not, but instead I see a muscular macho guy trying to hit on her. I wasn’t really surprised, cause Tiffany is a hot and gorgeous girl, and she gets it a lot.

8 Irresistible Ways to Attract Girls

Do you want to be irresistible to the ladies? Are you looking for ways to attract girls the way hunky guys do? Do you have your eye on someone in particular but you’re not sure how to get her to like you?

How to Get the Girl Next Door

Everyone would love of that ‘girl next door’ scenario where you can sneak next door when you please to a rather inviting hot female. You have some fun; you head home just after midnight. Wherever you live if there is an opportunity to seduce a neighbour, take advantage of it!

Preparation For Seduction – Things You Need to Do Before Leaving For the Club Or Date

There are always things you need to do before you set out the door to head to the club to pick up chicks or head out on a date with your friends. Some are essential; some just set the tone for the evening. Never underestimate the power of preparation to put you on your “A” game or to set you off the wrong path all evening. Here is a quick checklist of the things you need to do before you leave for your evening.

Tailoring Your Seduction – Having a Fashion and Style That Seduces the Women

Having a sense of style and fashion or being able to fake it is important in seducing women. This does not mean that you have to be a metro-sexual up on the latest fashion trends from France. It simply means that you have a consistent worldview that you are able to express though your clothing. Your outfit and “look” is the first thing that people see and you want to make sure it gives off the proper message about you.

How to Attract Girls – Don’t Be the Lonely Creepy Guy at the Party

Are you always the guy who goes to party alone, or the guy who initially goes with a bunch of buddies but ends up alone and dateless? Ya it blows and I know exactly how you feel, but you don’t have to put up with that.

7 Secrets to Attract Men Revealed

The secrets to attract men are easy to discover. Attraction isn’t always based on good looks. Sure, it’s important to look great for a guy, but there’s more to liking someone than just physical appeal.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Boyfriend – Hot Tips Every Girl Should Know

Having a hard time finding the man of your dreams? Believe it or not, there are 10 ways to get a boyfriend and these tips are a must- know for every girl.

The Importance of Having a Wingman – Seduction and Pickup Rules to Get the Girl You Want

By now most people have a vague idea of what being a “wingman” entails. It is not essential to have a wingman, but it can assist you greatly, and often make a pickup that would have ended in failure to end in success. Not everyone can be a wingman, it takes certain talents and skills and if you have a wingman you will need to spend time being HIS wingman, or no one will ever want to back you up. It is an important pick up rule to have that back-up, especially in cases where you are approaching a group of girls. Read on to find out more about the wingman…

Separating the Sheep From the Herd – Breaking the Girl You Desire Off From Her Pack

Maybe you want to get alone time with a girl in a club. Perhaps you have a girl at the office or school that you want to talk to when she is not surrounded by her friends. It can be very difficult, sometimes even impossible to separate her from the crowd. Some girls do seem to travel everywhere in packs and if you are already nervous approaching a group of girls can be far worse than trying to approach a single girl.

The Future of Seduction is Here! Learn to Seduce Through Texting

Texting. These days everybody does it. Likely everyone from your 5 year old nephew to your 80 year old granny has texted at some point, it is truly becoming ubiquitous in our society. So when I am asked what the future of seduction will be the answer is easy, texting! but even that is not really true for it has been a powerful technique in the use of seduction for a while.

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