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Rules of Attraction – 10 Signs She’s Sexually Attracted to You

Not sure if she likes you back? Read this article to learn about the telltale signs that she is attracted to you.

Why It’s Fun to Flirt and Why You Should Try It

Everyone wants attention and more often than not, most of us fail to have it. The goal seems simple but why do most of us fall short to reach it? Because we lack the ability to flirt or, more apparently, view flirting as something inappropriate or unsuitable, only practiced by the brave and gutsy. The question now is: why can’t you be brave and gutsy? Risk-takers are usually those who have more fun and get a lot out of life. Playing safe is good, but it also borders on boring. Below are some reasons why it’s fun to flirt. And why you should be doing it now!

How to Be an Absolute Babe Magnet

You don’t need to get a drastic surgery scheduled to look like Mr. Hot Shot, to transform yourself into someone drop dead gorgeous or to show off your huge bank account to become an absolute babe magnet. Sure it has its perks, but believe me it takes more than looks to be attractive and interesting to the ladies. Sometimes, you may think you have what it takes to charm the ladies and be an absolute babe magnet, but study on the three aspects below and discover what might you been missing.

How to Tell If She’s Hitting on You and How to Hit Back!

Someone just got lucky. There you are at a bar, all by yourself, trying to scan the room for a possible babe that you’d probably strike a conversation with, when all of a sudden, a woman approaches you and starts talking sexy. This, of course, is a sure sign she’s hitting on you. However, there are also about a hundred subtle signals to find out if a girl is trying to get some action. Shy glances, intense showing of affection, twirling of hair, playing with jewelry, touching and whispering are just some subtleties you might want to watch out for. So how do you keep up?

How to Handle Rejection When Approaching Women

Are you apprehensive of approaching women because you fear being rejected by them? Read this article and learn how to handle rejection – and approach women – like a pro.

How to Attract Hot Sexy Latina Women – Learn How to Be the Alpha Male Now!

Does a flamenco dance excite you in ways it shouldn’t? Do you love to watch videos of J-Lo’s behind (and who doesn’t)? Do you pick the Latino bars to hang out at so you can see those hot Mexican women? I know I do! Mexican women are fiery and filled with life and they’re not ashamed to show it. A Mexican woman dancing is like a room on fire! Well, how would you like it if that fire was on you? You can make it happen! All you have to do is observe the successful Mexican male.

How to Be a Player – Keep Those Girls Coming!

Okay first things first. Why do you want to be a player anyway? Do you have this intense need to break hearts? Do you crave for some ego-booster? Do you think it’s cool to collect and select?

Talking to Girls – It’s Easier Than it Sounds!

Have you ever seen that guy who walks into a room and all the girls seem to just flock to him instantly? He has an outgoing personality and talks to any girl he wants with ease while making them laugh, smile and probably think about how awesome he is in the process?

Turn a Friend Into a Boyfriend Using These 3 Tips

Are you one of those women that has a male friend that you secretly wish was your boyfriend? Do you find yourself trying to hide the deep feelings you have for him? Do you want to know how to turn a friend into a boyfriend? If you answered yes to any of those questions, read on, and I am going to give you 3 tips to help you turn that friend into your boyfriend.

How to Get Women – Impress Women

There are so many ways to get women that most men don’t even know about. Many men, like a lot of people, have a very false sense of security and a bad case of rejection fever when it comes to women. The key to how to get women to be interested in you has a lot to do with what I like to call the APES checklist: Appearance/hygiene, Personality, Elegance, and security.

How to Pick Up Girls Book

How good would it be if you were a single guy and you wanted to learn how to pick up girls if there was a book you could simply download or read? That book would cover many of the topics that we as guys really need help in. The book would cover the basics and give a few tips that would help you change your single status and find a loved one. In this article I want to give you a few thoughts on some of the subjects you would expect to find in a how to pick up girls book.

Top Tips on How to Flirt With Girls and Make Them Flirt Back

Flirting is like an introduction to sex. It’s the baby steps towards attracting girls to be sexually and sensually involved with you so make subtle hints on it. Of course, let’s say this girl is comfortable enough to hang out with you and converse with you for hours. Make jokes on sex or on how you find her attractive. Comment on how she looks, you can go far on saying she’s sexy. The goal is to create some sort of tension between you, but its good tension. The strain should make you both excited and lured on getting to talk about other sensual and deep topics.

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