Where to Find Cougar Women

Well, let’s think about that, where do cougar women hangout? If you were to market a product to these women and you were going to place advertisements to reach this target audience, where would you place these ads? Here are the top spots to find her.

How to Spot Cougar Women

It depends on the cougar but overall here are the 5 ways to tell if she qualifies as being one. Wedding Ring, or I should say a lack of a wedding ring. This should be the first thing you look for but some young guys make this mistake of not looking. If she does not have a wedding ring on her hand do not assume she is single. However, this is the first positive sign to approach her.

Animal Magnetism and the Male Speaking Voice

Consider the following scenario: there are two men both equally attractive. One has a voice that is warm, rich and deep. The other man has a voice that is soft, high-pitched, wimpy. Which man do you think women will find more attractive? If you guessed the man with the dynamic voice then you are correct.

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