How To Make Him Chase You From Home! Mark Rosenfeld Dating Advice

Get a Girlfriend Fast – Bring Good Looking Girls Out With You

One of the best ways to get a girlfriend fast is to have some female friends tag along with you whenever you go out. Make it your motto that it is always good to be seen with other women.

How Does a Boy Act When He Likes a Girl? 5 Simple Hints to Look For

In the olden times, it was easy enough to figure out how a boy acts when he likes a girl. These days, it’s trickier to figure out what is going on inside people’s heads. This article reveals 5 easy hints that indicate he likes her.

Signs of Attraction & That a Girl Likes You – How Well Do You Score?

Not all girls express their affections in the same way. However, there are common signs of attraction & that a girl likes you, and you can apply these signals to your own situation.

How to Be a Nice Guy and Still Get the Girl – Stop Doing the Wrong Things!

Sometimes it can be frustrating being nice to a girl, but she ends up going out with the guy that is, for lack of a better term, a douche bag. The fact of the matter is, you are doing all the right things, except for one … you lack confidence. Learn how to be a very confident nice guy.

What Do Men Like in a Woman? 3 Traits That Turn Men On

Is it good looks? Is it a sexy, provocative voice? Is it a clingy, dependent attitude toward men?

Get a Girlfriend Tips – Attract a Girlfriend With Personality

Women look for many things when they are searching for a man to date. One of the best get a girlfriend tips is that a lot of your success with women will stem from one trait. The thing that women are looking for is how you feel about yourself. Women are attracted to men who have self respect.

The 9 Mistakes That (Almost) All Christian Singles Make – And What to Do About It

Is there a deep, dark secret behind the challenge that Christian singles are facing today? In spite of an explosion of dating and social networking resources? This article will take you on a journey to uncover the 9 shocking mistakes that (almost) all singles make, without even knowing it.

Tips on How to Tell Someone You’re Interested and Not Get Rejected

When we find out that we’re admired, liked or crushed on, we can’t help but feel all warm and giddy inside. It’s normal. Everybody wants to be liked, though most people won’t admit that. What’s better is when the person who’s admiring you is actually the same person you’ve been dying to date for the longest possible time.

How to Be Successful With Women – Of Course You Can!

Women are probably the greatest mystery of all time. They can be mind boggling and nerve-wrecking unlike anything else and most men suffer from failing to attract them successfully. Well, let me tell you a secret: it’s not at all hard to find out what a woman really wants.

Reeling Him In – How to Get a Guy

Are you struggling to find out how to get a guy? Do you always manage to embarrass yourself when trying to impress guys?

Pick Up Artist Secrets – The Mystery Behind Attraction

Keeping a hint of mysteriousness about you makes a girl attracted. If there is no mystery, a female feels like she has the you mapped out already. You shouldn’t tell her every single thing about yourself at the beginning. Guys have a tendency to tell a girl ever single thing about himself as soon as he meets her. If you believe in yourself, you don’t have to lay it all on the line.

Pick Up Artist Advice – Does Cocky and Funny Work With Girls?

A good method to get a woman to like you is to act slightly more cocky and humorous. Be somewhat cocky and add in humor. Bust a girl’s chops some of the time. Act like you’re always having fun. Be more like you did when you were a kid. When you were a little guy, you acted a lot more silly and fun. You joked with girls, had a good time with them and that was your way of flirting.

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