Are Dating Apps Making You Feel Hopeless? Watch this…

Single? Taking, This Christmas, the Road You Haven’t Taken Will Lead You to a Successful Intimacy

Much energy, thinking and at times also money go into deciding what gifts to give for Christmas. Surprisingly enough, it is customary to give gifts to others, but not so customary to give a gift to one-self. If you wish to have a successful intimate relationship but so far haven’t known how to develop one, here’s an idea for a gift you can give to yourself: Becoming aware of what has made you fail until now, and learning how to succeed!

A Single Mom’s Celibacy

Many single mom’s do not quite understand the importance of living a life of celibacy. There are many reasons why this lifestyle is necessary and this article breaks down the benefits.

Single? Use the Holidays to Figure Out How to Succeed Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

Are you afraid of being infected with the “holidays’ blues”? Of feeling depressed and lonely? The best you can do for yourself is be determined to “use” the holidays’ time to find out why you’re still single and what you need to “work on” and change in order to find a partner and develop the relationship you so much long for.

“Still Single” for the Holidays

When you’re “still single” on the holidays, it can be a challenge to enjoy them. But with proper planning, you can make the most of your time – even without a date or relationship.

Shy Singles: How Do They Find A Date?

There is no real reason why anyone who is shy should not be trying a little harder to get a good date going with someone. There are many ways how shy singles can find people of interest.

Staying Single: Growing Closer To God In College

I have decided to stop searching for love and let god lead me to my future wife. I have come to realize that although I have been heartbroken many times over the past 20 years on this earth, I have never actually experienced true love.

Top 3 Reasons Why Many People Are Still Single

One thing that is constant with time is change. The way we do many things continue to change, sometimes its deliberately and sometimes the global shifts in technology, society etc leave us no choice but to change. Change is often a positive thing.

Can I Find Love Through the Law of Attraction?

This article talks about every individual’s need to have a partner to share their lives with. However, lots of people aren’t able to find love due to various reasons. The law of attraction is recommended as a way to attract love.

How to Conquer Your Approach Anxiety

“Approach anxiety; aaaahhh man!” See, the reason I exclaim about it like that to the point where it makes me chuckle is because I’m looking back at the person I used to be and how the mere thought of approaching a girl I liked virtually terrified me.   Countless people get frozen by the anxiety that comes from initiating an interaction with a stranger.

Size Does Matter – How to Enlarge Your Penis With Penis Extenders

The world of penis extenders has been very popular over the years. Many different products have surfaced on the market. The reason for this is because penis extenders really can work for any man who wants to get a better size going.

Hot Spots in Nightclubs for Meeting Women

There are some great spots in nightclubs for meeting and attracting women. Most men are not aware of these spots. Listed are several spots for getting some hot action.

Flirting 101 – Four Flirting Styles To Avoid

Flirting is one of the most fascinating ways that people can connect with other people. By definition, flirting is a sexual activity which involves words and actions which are suggestive of one’s interest in having a deeper relationship with a particular person. It can be carried out in many different ways and, when done right, it can set the stage for satisfying relationships that can last for decades.

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