6 Ways We Survived Long Distance – And How You Can Too! Mark Rosenfeld Relationship Advice

Alpha Male Body Language – 3 Super Powerful Traits to Get 90% of Women Attracted to You

To display alpha male body language you must behave like a real confident and self assured man who does not give a damn about what anybody thinks about him. Some people are born alpha that’s why they have an unusual advantage with girls over other guys but the good news is you can too become an alpha by changing your behavior since god has given us free will to do whatever we want to.

The Difference Between Trying to Be Genuine and Being Genuine

Have you ever wondered why sometimes when you talk to a woman you have the right intentions, but the banter doesn’t go as smoothly as you would like it to? There’s a big difference between trying and being when you attract a girl.

How to Chat Freely With Any Guy Anywhere

Do you have the gift of gab? Once you see a man you really like, can you freely walk up to him and chat with him without getting nervous? How do you approach that man you really like? Anyone who can walk right up to someone they don’t know, but are attracted to, and talk fluently with them should consider themselves lucky.

The Five Biggest Tactics in Flirting

Do you know how to flirt with a man? Has anyone showed you how? Do you know what to do versus what not to do?

How to Be a Magnet For Great Guys

Do you always end up with the wrong kind of guys? Well, you can become a magnet for great guys if you apply these simple tips.

Why Do You Like Girls?

Before mustering up the courage to go ahead and speak to a girl, you should always ask the question “why?” This may perhaps seem like a lame thing to do at any point of time. But I assure you that it is a vital factor in determining the proper approach towards being a genuine PUA (Pick Up Artist). There can be a variety of reasons that can pop up in your head before talking to a girl.

5 Best Tips on Approaching a Woman

Many men daily miss out on the best woman because they do not know how to approach them. Approaching women for a relationship is an art which if well mastered will mean you can talk to any woman without fear of being embarrassed. Here are tips that you would find helpful in approaching your dream woman.

Single Women Looking For Guys – What Are the Signs That He Likes Me?

Being alone can be a very unwelcoming place and you only have to enter almost any bar on a Saturday evening to find it packed with single women looking for guys. There’s no doubt that having a boyfriend can enrich your life in many ways but getting the guy in the first place can be agonizing. Entering the dating scene is like taking your first ride on a roller coaster.

Does She Want You? Spot Signs of Sexual Tension Now!

Reading a woman’s mind may seem so much trickier than Metaphysics and Trigonometry but believe, all it takes is logic, a little common sense and a good dose of confidence to finally make it all happen. Women are pretty easy to please — you may not know it but you’ve got to. Consider this day as a prelude to your new life — if you’ve spent majority of your lifetime being a loser and an absolute nobody when it comes to women, then it’s time to turn that around.

Filipino Girls – What to Give Them

Many men ask the question, what should I give a woman? Unfortunately, many men believe that you should give a woman what she asks for. Now, depending on what the woman is asking for and what type of woman she is, you could get into a spiral of having to spend more and more money buying gifts and presents for her. If you get yourself into this position, it’s very difficult to stop the spiral progressing and if you do stop buying gifts and presents, you will probably lose the woman. So, NEVER get into this position.

Attract Men – Use Your Womanly Charms to Get Their Attention

Do you want to know how to attract men? Are you wondering how the women who always have swarms of guys around them manage to attract so many?

Being Single is Not a Failure

Anyone who is single knows how easy it is to start feeling like a “freak” or a “failure”. Even if you can stay positive most of the time, there are probably those moments when the rug gets pulled out from under and you are back to berating yourself and/or wondering if there is something wrong with you. It is simply a fact that, in our culture, being single can feel pretty lousy.

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