5 Red Flags That Scare Great Men Away | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Filipino Woman – What Do You Really Know About Her?

This might not be the first article that you stumble into about a Filipino woman. Like any other character presentation, even on actual acquaintances or real time match making, we always put our best foot forward, or to put it aptly- someone else’s foot forward. But what do you know about Filipinas?

Filipina Penpal and the Filipino Tradition About Courtship and Wedding

Are you looking for a Filipina penpal? It may sound a little backward, but yes there are some people who still go for the old school of finding true love – penpals. Although snail mail is no longer popular nowadays but to places (yes there are still areas in the Philippines) which are not reached by technology, writing with the use of real pen and paper still exists. Your true love may be in those places, so it is still worth the effort and time.

Fear of Approaching Women? Learn These Master Techniques on How to Approach Women

Are you suffering from a fear of approaching women? Don’t worry if this is happening to you. The truth is, almost every man out there has at least a little problem with approaching a women and starting a conversation.

Rejection! Ouch, That Hurts!

Rejection! Everyone experiences it, but no one likes it, yet it is part of being in the dating and relationship arena. Fear of rejection will keep you in the category of ‘biggest loser’, that is, missing out on many opportunities and experiences that will bring you closer to meeting your special and lasting love. Get a better understanding of the love-stopper and what to do about it – immediately!

Flirting Advice For Men – Attract Beautiful Women at Will

While flirting has a bit of an old fashioned sound to it there’s nothing old fashioned about what it can do for your love life.Here’s some flirting advice for men that will help you develop the confidence to flirt at successfully at will.

How to Attract Any Woman Easily and Quickly With These Surefire Seduction Techniques

So, you are probably aware of the girls who can just walk into rooms and make every guy present drool at the sight of them. Well, these girls happen to be of an entirely different breed. If you want to date a girl like this but are merely a regular guy, what should you do then?

Hints That Women Are Flirting With You

Oh, flirtation! In the beginning periods of attraction, both males and females indulge in an anxious and odd flow to test the waters for a serious romance relationship.

How Being Shy, Awkward or Clumsy Can Make You Attractive

Have you ever had a friend tell you to just “be yourself?” Does that advice ever seem to help when you’re with someone attractive? Odd are that it didn’t. The advice is well intentioned but rather useless. Here’s what it really means.

Are You Flirty Enough? Flirting Tips For Single Women

Some tips for women to improve your flirting, even if you are shy about it. Flirting is fun and doesn’t mean you have to be blatantly sexual about it.

Attract a Woman With Dance – Win by Doing What Most Guys Won’t

If you become a decent dancer (and you definitely can) you have a huge advantage over most guys in your ability to attract woman. Have you ever been in a social situation where the music starts but the dance floor is empty. Somebody has to break the ice to get things going. The women in the crowd are eager to dance. Imagine how much they’ll admire the guy that walks up to one of them, invites them out on the dance floor and get things going. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This article reveals the rest of the story.

Meet Singles in Your Area Or Meet Singles From Afar on the Internet

Are you tired of those internet dates that don’t seem to go anywhere? Wish you could really get to know the ‘real person’ behind the eyes of the man you’re staring at? Well I assure you, there are plenty of guys out there just waiting to be scooped up. There are several ways that singles websites can be superior to traditional methods of dating — like meeting in bars, meeting in clubs, etc.

Stunning Girls-Pretty Girls – How You Can Make Them Really Happy They Met You

To be pretty, good looking or even a stunning girl these days can be a hard road to walk. Not only do stunning girls have every second male looking at them with lust in their eyes, many females give them the evil eye being jealous. If you are interested in really blessing an attractive girl, here are 4 things you can do to make them have a better day.

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