5 Biggest Mistakes in Finding Mr. Right | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Dating Advice For Women – How to Put Your Love Life Back on Track

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster in a wheel, constantly running yet getting nowhere? Do you sometimes wonder what is really going on with your life? In times of introspection, we are sometimes confronted by feelings that we are not any closer to our goals.

Useful Flirting Tips For Men – Practical Flirting Tips to Get Girls

One of the best aspects of being single is the ability to go out and flirt with women. It should be approached with excitement. If you go weak at the knees at the thought of approaching women then you are probably in need some useful flirting tips for men that have helped many other guys build long lasting friendships and relationships with women.

Dating Tips For Women – How to Flirt With a Guy

Flirting is not just for women. Fact! But a lot of people think that for a girl to flirt with a guy makes her come across too easy.

3 Magic Ways to Absolutely Own the Bar Scene and Attract That Hot Chick

In this age of information and technology, many people are turning towards new ways of meeting new people, like online dating sites and social networks. Fortunately, there are still many people who still find the good old face-to-face strategies of connecting with other singles to be the best solution to loneliness. Meeting an attractive woman in a bar is still the all-American standby. You, too, can master the art of approaching girls in a bar and owning the bar scene by implementing these three magic steps.

5 Simple Ways to Approach a Woman in a Group of Friends

It’s a single man’s nightmare – finding a woman that you are interested in, only to be foiled by a group of her friends! Every man wants to know the secret behind expressing your intrigue with one specific woman while she is surrounded by a crowd of others. Have no fear. There are five very simple ways to let that special woman know how you feel without offending the other girls around her.

7 Perfect Places to Meet Single Women

If you’ve been single for any length of time, you know that finding an ideal place to meet available women can be difficult. A woman who is single and open to meeting new people is like the Holy Grail of dating.

3 Miracle Steps to Surviving Rejection in the World of Dating

Being turned down can be a devastating occurrence for many men. If you’ve given your all to making a good impression on a woman, only to be shot down, it can discourage you from trying again.

Single Life – Enjoying Your Freedom

Entering single life can be both outright liberating and intensely lonely. The idea of being out at all hours of the night without having to ‘check-in’ with a significant other is wonderful, but what if you have no where to be out late? Focusing on the negative aspects of single life can catapult you into another failed relationship. If you really want to enjoy your single life then you’ve got to put a positive spin on things. This may be hard, but follow my tips and you’ll be on your way.

Romantic Pick Up Lines – How Not to Get a Girl Interested

You might be thinking right now, “If only I knew THE most powerful words I could say to her, then I could get her attention, we would start talking, and finally she would realize how great a guy I am.” I know, I was thinking that way too. Find out how things work in the real world.

Get a Kick Start With the Best Pick Up Lines

She knows that you are trying to hit on her and she expects you to talk to her. She will want you to start an interesting conversation. Maybe start with an interesting and best pick up lines.

How to Get a Man – 5 Ways to Attract a Man Into Your Life

Anyone who has been playing the dating game for a while will tell you it is not easy. The question of how to get a man, and more importantly a decent one, comes up all the time. Being gorgeous, funny, charismatic and intelligent just isn’t enough alone when it comes to the tricky task of how to get a man.

Alpha Male Behaviour – I’ll Show You What It’s Really About

Dating is like dog training – you have to be the pack leader. If women look up to you, the rest is easy. However, what being an alpha male means is commonly misunderstood.

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